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Yoga & Retreats

5 day yoga retreat with tantra and Cacao ceremony


This retreat is our baby and we are proud to offer it. We have put so much of what we have learned from traveling the continents in one beautiful package. Our goal is to keep it light, but informative, useful and fun. Thus we would like to invite you to Bulgaria, in a traditional house with excellent veggie food and a chill atmosphere. We want to center your experience around you, therefore groups will be small – up to 6 people, so we can create a person-centered environment, where everyone is significant. Our program is holistic (yes like everything these days) taking you on a rare journey where yoga is a must, but then we have added a heart opening Cacao ceremony for the explorers; tantra workshop for the curious; here will be lots of nature for the seekers, meditations for the mindful, an ice bath for the brave and more – for you.


  • Daily yoga classes (sometimes two)
  • Cacao ceremony 
  • Tantra workshop – information and techniques (no nudity)
  • Small groups of 6 people max
  • Beautiful meditation walk visiting 14th century monastery
  • Wim Hof technique and Ice bath
  • Veggie or vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Extras like massage and spa capsule
  • Please check our program for more, because there is no more space here…


Glozhene is a small Bulgarian village away from reality. It has a deep connection with the local history, protecting revolutionaries and serving as a faint guiding light in a time of darkness (yes, very dramatic, like most of BG history… ). We are lucky to have so much beautiful nature around, being at the foot of ‘The Old Mountain’ – The Balkans. Not far we have really cool caves and a 14th century monastery with some character of a priest. We have a hike planned to the monastery and if the day is right even eat there! There are other available hikes, centuries old beech forest and a river with some shady bridges. Proper village experience.


Accommodation is important so we are doing this at home. In a way. The place is boutique, homey, personable and has its own soul, so you will feel comfortable, having a room, not living in a center. Furniture is antique, the beds are huge plus we have a super comfy sofa-bed. There are different options for the accommodation, whether in a separate room or with some other people. Couples or friends can sleep in the same crib. We called the house Charodeya which in Bulgarian folklore means a lady wizard or enchantress. They are always good and help people find what they seek. So there, check out the pictures and let us know if not bewitched already…


We are preparing veggies food only with an option to cater for vegans too. We are trying to throw in some character in the diet, so we have put an effort and thought into every single meal. Did we mention the cooking workshop, which we are gonna eat out of!

%We will try some Bulgarian traditional weird things like yogurt soup or banitsa. For another day we have the staple Ayurveda curries, also some raw food deserts. Mostly we will eat veggies, nuts & beans in beautiful combinations. One of us is actually a really good cook, so even the other one is looking forward to the retreat, cause they know what’s coming! We will prepare yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner + smoothies and lots of fruits. We are always looking forward to improving so if you have any specific requests or ideas, let us know let us know in advance and we’ll really try the least.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch (except on Friday because of the Cacao Ceremony)
  • Dinner
  • Fruits
  • Smoothies

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Program design 

This experience will take you on a journey. Each day is different and designed to add a specific piece to the practice. Every day we start with yoga, which is suitable for all levels. It will adapt depending on the group, using Hatha and Vinyasa techniques. Also we have the restorative Yin and the meditative yoga Nidra too. We will be making adjustments and showing how to do asanas correctly. Part of our idea to make smaller groups is so that people can get a bit of attention during the classes and leave better yogis than arrived on the first day.

During the cooking workshop we will introduce you to the Bulgaria kitchen.

The hike towards the monastery goes through a beautiful centuries old beech forest. It’s a little challenging, but so rewarding with the view afterwards. It’s sometimes possible to have lunch there, it depends on the monks. It’s the perfect time to tell you some BG history too, as this place is deeply connected to a lot of important events and national heroes.

Then we have the Wim Hof method, which is a breathing technique accompanied by cold exposure, thus the icy water in the jacuzzi. This has numerous health benefits which we will discuss. It’s not mandatory of course, you can do only the breathing exercises and just dip a toe in the water, but it’s much more fun to go all in.

Next day is the Tantra Workshop. Why tantra? Well its connection with yoga is actually really interesting and they can complement each other but also contradict in some aspects of its own philosophy. Which makes it interesting as the more points of view we know the better we can choose for ourselves.

We present what often seems like an esoteric philosophy of Tantra, as an understandable process for deeper connection with oneself and others. People associate it with sexual pleasure and we will discuss practical tips for wholesome sexual experience, yes. Let’s say it’s not gonna be boring, but obviously it’s all informative, there is no nudity or practices to make anyone uncomfortable.

Tantra workshop includes:

  • The story of Tantra, what it is and how does it relate to yoga
  • Meditative breathing practices for better concentration
  • Free dance for diagnostics
  • Discussion about tantric sex and how we can apply some of the practices in real life
  • Senses’ game – practice to sharpen our senses, but also learn how to use them
  • Delicious and appetizing surprises

%So first we worked on the body through yoga and Wim Hof. Then we touched the mined through tantra. And finally it is time to open the heart with a Cacao Ceremony. We will enjoy ceremonial South American organic unprocessed cacao, which has amazing benefits for the body, as well as the mind.

Since ancient times, the Maya, Aztecs and Olmecs have used this superfood in their rituals to connect with the superconscious and the soul. They perceived the drink as medicine, but also as a teacher. “True” raw cocoa is bitter, dense and very rich in magnesium, antioxidants, B-Vitamins, but also other micro-elements that open the heart to self – love hence for others.

Together we will try to unlock the potential of new opportunities through setting intentions and connecting deeply with ourselves to clarify our thoughts and feelings. Through the ritual we will work with our awareness to seek relaxation, wisdom and openness. The cacao is famous for helping with concentration, so we do special meditations and activities aimed to find what feels right.

Dinner and lunch on this day will be lighter so we can really feel the benefits of the real cacao.


%The ceremony includes:

  • Drink South American organic unprocessed cacao
  • Yoga, dance, contact dance (depending to the topic)
  • Create intention and project it to the now 
  • Meditation and breathing practices for activation of life energy
  • Sharing circle 

We will try to combine the ceremony with another event, however that will depend on external factors, so we are not listing it here, but will update.

Program by day


*15:00 Arrival
*16:00 Opening circle & Cooking workshop
*18:00 Yoga
*19:30 Diner

– Wednesday:

*8:30 Morning yoga
*10:00 Breakfast
*12:00 Hike to the monastery
*14:30 Lunch at monastery or lunch pack
*17:30 Yin Yoga (restorative) & Yoga Nidra (meditation)
*19:30 Dinner


– Thursday:

*8:30 Morning yoga

*10:00 Breakfast
*12:00 Wim Hof breathing and ice bath in the jacuzzi
*13:00 Massage workshop
*14:00 Lunch
*16:00 – 19:00 Tantra workshop – Sense’s game
*19:30 Light dinner


– Friday:

8:30 Morning Yoga
10:00 Breakfast
12:00 – 16:00 Cacao Ceremony
19:30 Dinner


– Saturday:

8:30 Morning yoga

9:30 Breakfast

10:30 Closing circle

12:00 Leaving 

Important: We can be flexible regarding the days of the retreat if it’s tricky with your availability. It is possible to come for less or more days than the program suggests, depending on availability. Just send us an inquiry with what you want, and we will consider every request.


Depending on time availability:
* Spa capsule
* Massage
* Reiki session
* Sound bath therapy

What’s included:

  • Yoga classes
  • All meals
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • All workshops mentioned in the program

What’s not included:

  • Airport transfers
  • Personal expenses 
  • Items in the “Optional” list

Price: 500 Euro